ABC 2014—You Deserve It

Another academic year is coming to a close. You’ve attended dozens of meetings, graded stacks and stacks of papers, answered hundreds of emails, and given your students your best. Feeling worn out? Wondering how you’ll approach the next term with fresh energy?

Do yourself a favor: Plan to join your colleagues from across the U.S. and around the world at the 2014 meeting of the Association for Business Communication. The deadline for submitting a proposal is May 12—one week from today. This year’s conference, which will take place Oct. 22−25 in the historic U.S. city of Philadelphia, will offer more ways to participate than ever.

  • Got research findings or a new teaching strategy to share? Propose a 15-minute individual presentation—or a whole 75-minue panel–on your topic.
  • Want to share your thoughts on a timely buscomm issue? Propose a 7-minute talk for a lightning round session—or a topic for a whole session.
  • Want feedback on a project in progress? Propose a poster presentation. Or get guidance from experienced researchers at the research roundtable.
  • There’ll also be networking roundtables hosted by ABC editors, committee chairs, and other leaders who can advise you on how to publish your work, join a committee, or find the resources you need.
  • Want to have your submission peer reviewed? Considered for the proceedings? These options are available as well.

There will also be fabulous food, fun excursions into the city, and a silent auction to benefit a nonprofit that helps kids write. The hotel will offer plentiful amenities and a beautiful river view. But the best pay-offs–guaranteed–will be the new ideas, inspiration, and supportive connections you’ll bring back home with you.

You know you’ve got something to share! Write it up, send it in, . . . and then plan to learn, enjoy, and recharge at ABC 2014.

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