Adding Helpful Apps to Microsoft Word 2013

Marie Flatley, bcomm professor emerita, sent us a link to a TechRepublic article about a new feature in Word 2013: the ability to add useful apps directly to your Word menu.

As the article explains, clicking Insert > Apps for Office > See All on the ribbon will bring up the list of any apps you’ve added so far and the link “Find more apps at the Office Store.” You can click this link to see the available apps, most of which are free.

For example, you can add . . .

  •  a link to a Merriam-Webster online dictionary
  • an app you can use to create sticky notes that’ll come up the next time you open the document
  • a link to Wikipedia
  • a Word of the Day app
  • an app that will create a word cloud for a given document.

Any apps you select will then be available in your own Word interface via Insert > Apps for Office. You do need to have a Microsoft account to be able to add apps, but it is easy to create one from within the Office Store.

Try out this new feature, and keep watching the Store to see what new apps appear.

Is there anything else you find noteworthy—positive or negative—about Word 2013? If so, please share your thoughts!

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