Chief Marketer and MailChimp: Two Good Resources for Learning about Email Marketing

I recently received an email article from Chief Marketer entitled “Crafting an Irresistible Email Subject Line.” The advice is helpful, so I thought I’d pass it on to you here.

 But the more I clicked on the links in the article, the more I realized that there’s much more to Chief Marketer than an occasional interesting email. In addition to offering advice about writing compelling email messages, they offer great information about the use of technology to conduct effective email, Web, social, and mobile campaigns. Through extensive research, they’ve gathered statistics about consumer behavior regarding each medium and developed marketing strategies based on that behavior. If you or your students have been wanting to go behind the scenes and see how the pros design electronic messages to sell through different channels, this site is for you.

As I was exploring this resource, one thing led to another, as Web clicking always does, and I came across a second site that is just as good: the Resources page of MailChimp, an email-campaign platform/service. Once you sign in for free, you can access some excellent material, such as their guide to conducting mobile-friendly campaigns, their mobile-friendly templates, their “Email Marketing Benchmarks by Industry” report, and their “Subject Line Comparison,” which examined the open rates of 40 million emails and compared the subject lines of the best and worst performers.

Did you know that most smartphone users check their mail first thing in the morning, even before getting out of bed? Many uses their phones as an alarm clock, so when they turn off the alarm, they also go take a look at their messages. The lesson: No garish colors in your mobile messages! This is the kind of interesting factoid you can find on these sites.

Not many of our students are likely to become email promotions specialists. But it can’t be a bad thing to understand how such professionals work, and some of their findings have implications for email that ordinary businesspeople write. And wouldn’t it be cool to have students prepare an informational report on current trends in email marketing, or a recommendation report on whether to contract the services of a provider like MailChimp, or two different email messages, one optimized for PC viewing and one for viewing on a mobile device? I don’t quite know enough yet to design such an assignment, but I’m working on it  . . . .

2 thoughts on “Chief Marketer and MailChimp: Two Good Resources for Learning about Email Marketing

  1. To augment Kathy’s great tip on the blog, I strongly recommend a new book, Platform by Michael Hyatt. This well written and highly
    understandable book has really put social media in focus for me for
    my student,s and I eagerly await the start of the fall term to implement his insightful understanding of the power of the best social medial tools available.

    Tom Pickering


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