Do you use an iPad in your classroom?

I bought an iPad last fall, and while my husband still refers to it as my $600 email and Facebook checker, I do use it to take notes during meetings (and, admittedly, to occasionally check email or Facebook during meetings) and to teach my online course or do other work when I’m away from my home or office. I love my iPad insomuch as anyone can “love” a piece of technology.

However, one area I have not explored is using my iPad in my classroom. The App Store has hundreds of apps that appear useful in the classroom, and some of the productivity apps lend themselves to some really great presentation options other than PowerPoint. As I was tooling around the Zite app last night, I found EmergingEdTech’s article 8 Great Free Web Resources Focused on Using the iPad in Education. It looks promising, as do the other links on the page regarding the use of iPads in education. I look forward to exploring them.

If you use the iPad in your classroom, please tell us how.


2 thoughts on “Do you use an iPad in your classroom?

  1. A member of our staff pointed out these links to me just this past
    week. While some are geared toward K-12, there are many
    apps that are adaptable for college instruction.

    With respect,

    Tom Pickering


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