Classroom Talking Point: “Job Seekers Getting Asked for Facebook Passwords”

I saw the link to the Associated Press article “Job Seekers Getting Asked for Facebook Passwords” in my Facebook news feed from a local television station.

My first thoughts were 1) Who would think that it’s acceptable to ask for someone’s password? and 2) Who would give up his/her password? Then I thought about my students—vulnerable 20-somethings in a job interview, clearly in no position of authority and just wanting to land some gainful employment.

We already know students need to be careful in many ways when it comes to their social networking practices. This is just one more topic to add to the list. My students and I will be talking about this article in class on Monday, and I thought you might be interested in having the same discussion with your students. Is this ethical? What should students do if they are asked to surrender their passwords? We definitely live in some interesting times.

3 thoughts on “Classroom Talking Point: “Job Seekers Getting Asked for Facebook Passwords”

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  2. Really appreciate you writing this post, found it in my my “job search” feed. As a vulnerable 20-something, I really appreciate the heads-up.

    Unfortunately, the current job market allows employers to really take advantage of the typical 20-something’s lack of knowledge about employment. I’ve had some interesting experiences filing for unemployment, something which I had never been prepared for until I needed it.

    Look forward to following your blog!


    • Hi, Melissa~
      Thank you for following us. I’ll check out your blog as well. Perhaps in any economy, but maybe especially in a bad economy, people who really need that job may feel they have no choice but to do anything—anything—a potential employer asks. I hope my students feel they are able to say “no” to anything that makes them uncomfortable.

      We look forward to hearing more from you!


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