“Social” Business Presentations

Earlier this week, I happened across this article from Mashable.com, “5 Tips for Making Your Presentations More Social,” and began to wonder how these tips might transfer to the classroom.

What intrigues me is the idea that student presentations could go beyond the traditional PowerPoint and all its neat features and engage both the student presenter and student audience in a way that makes presentations more interesting and dynamic.

The article says social media enables presenters to

  • Create anticipation
  • Create social friendly presentations
  • Use interactive polling
  • Use the backchannel
  • Keep the conversation going after the presentation.

As I extrapolate the suggestions from the article onto the classroom, I envision students using Twitter to get feedback on their topic during the planning and preparation stage. They might also use LinkedIn to network with possible sources for their presentations. I can see students bringing laptops or other mobile devices to class and using Twitter or interactive polling to provide feedback during a presentation or to ask questions of the presenter. After presentation, students might continue the discussion via social media.

You may already be incorporating social media in your presentations courses. If so, we want to hear what you’re doing.

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