Enough Online Résumé Tools to Make Your Head Spin

Veteran bcomm professor Marie Flatley, who tracks dozens of technology-related websites, recently sent us a link to a list of 20 “Great Websites to Help You Make a Résumé,” posted by the design-focused website blueblots.com. The best part is, they’re all free (well, sort of).

They are definitely not all created equal. For example,

–Some, like Praux, offer many interesting design templates to choose from—and some, like Visual CV, do not.

–Some, like GigTide, may not actually be “free” (it appears that this site will host your site for free for only 7 days; then a monthly fee of $4.95 or more will kick in).

–Some, like CeeVee, are stronger than others on enabling you to connect to your accounts on social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).

–Some, like Visual CV, are stronger than others at helping you integrate your online résumé with an overall online portfolio that can link to work samples and multimedia files. (A related point: Some, like Visual CV, are “more web 2.0” than others—meaning that they offer more opportunities for potential employers to interact with you and with your résumé.)

–Some, like How to Write a Resume, are stronger than others at giving you advice on conducting the job search overall.

These sites offer all sorts of possibilities for résumé/portfolio-building assignments—and could also be great material for a research/report project on a topic such as “Which of these 20 should our school’s career center recommend?” or “What are the relative advantages/disadvantages of these sites?”

You can decide which of these tools is best for which purposes. You might even find, after checking these out, that having your students use wordpress.com or another free website-authoring tool to create their online portfolios from scratch would be a better way to go.

Let us know what’s worked for you and your students along these lines.

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