A Great Résumé-Writing Resource: The Rockport Institute

Looking for expert advice—backed up by helpful explanations—on writing résumés? 

My colleague, Mary Beth Debs, swears by this one: the website of the Rockport Institute, a career-counseling firm.

Their “Information and Resources” page contains the link How to Write a Masterpiece of a Résumé. Here you’ll find these six sections:

  • Write a résumé that generates results. Will help your students understand the main purpose of a résumé and the difference between a résumé and a personal history.
  • How to knock the socks off a prospective employer. Offers fabulous advice on focusing on the employer’s needs, thinking of the résumé as an argument, and writing the Objective, Summary, and Skills and Accomplishments sections.
  • The evidence section: how to present your work history, education, etc. Explains how to turn a catalog of boring facts into compelling assertions.
  • A few guidelines for a better presentation. Gives superb tips for formatting and wording the contents of the résumé. You could almost use the subheadings here as a checklist for your students to go by.
  • I’m not sure the job I’m looking for is the right one for me. Offers Rockport’s career-counseling services.
  • Add power to your résumé with power words. Provides a super list of verbs your students can use to describe their experience and accomplishments.

There’s lots of great advice out there about writing résumés. I agree with Mary Beth that this is one of the best, not only because of its concrete advice and examples but also because it helps students think about résumés in the right way (that is, the way employers think about them).

 If you’ve got a favorite résumé-writing resource, please share it!

3 thoughts on “A Great Résumé-Writing Resource: The Rockport Institute

  1. The Rockport Institute is run by Author Nicholas Lore who wrote the book “The Pathfinder.” Mr. Lore uses his institute and book to help people figure out what career path to follow. On his Rockport Institute’s website, you can find information about Career Aptitude Test, Career Change, Career Counseling Training and Career Coaching. Career Counseling


  2. This is a great resource and I appreciate the link. I am always
    looking for resources to help convey the diligence and effort
    it takes to develop an effective resume`. The Rockport Institute
    site does this.

    I also started using The Job Hunting Hanbook by Harry Dahlstrom,
    see http://www.DahlstromCo.com and students have really taken an
    avid interest in its comprehensive approach to the job market including resume’s, cover letters and interviews.

    Your blog postings have been so helpful and timely. Thank you.

    With respect,



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