A Resource for Social Media/Networking Etiquette

This past week, I was trolling the Internet in search of  a resource on etiquette for using social media/social networking. As you might imagine, I received millions of hits. Of course, some offered better advice than others, but I was particularly taken with one source, and thought I’d share it in this week’s blog post.

It’s Robert Half’s Business Etiquette: The New Rules for a Digital Age. This FREE download is short—only 28 pages—but it’s a timely, visually appealing, and informative read. It provides etiquette tips for communicating with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter; email; instant messaging; mobile devices; phone, video, and Web conferencing. It also includes  “Sticky Etiquette Q&A” on topics such as whether to friend one’s boss or coworkers. Interspersed among the tips and tricks are statistics, graphics, and anecdotes (e.g., “Are Etiquette Breaches a Career Killer?”) that present interesting discussion topics for any business communication class.

I wish I could say that I happened upon this site through a carefully planned Google search, but in all honesty, I landed on it by luck. I’m guessing that others who are more savvy Web surfers than I have found some pretty amazing resources on this topic as well. If you have, please share them. We’d love to see them.

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