Celebrate Punctuation!

Did you know that today is National Punctuation Day? Never heard of it? Check it out at NationalPunctuationDay.com. It’s the brainchild of Jeff Rubin, a professional newsletter writer, and it has become “official” enough to be included in Chase’s Caldendar of Events, a well-respected listing of holidays and other special days.

What can you do with your class to celebrate correct punctuation? Here are a few ideas:

  • Visit the website of the Apostrophe Protection Society and ask your students if they can identify the errors in the photos of flawed signs that reader have submitted to the site. Or enjoy and discuss the similar photos posted on Rubin’s website.
  • Bake a punctuation cake, build a punctuation pizza, write an ode to punctuation marks, or create a punctuation rap (all illustrated on the National Punctuation Day website).
  • Have a “Punctuation Bee” in your class by having teams compete to get the best score on a punctuation test—with full credit given only if the team can articulate the rule for each answer. Reward the winners with edible punctuation goodies such as cookies or cupcakes.
  •  Spark students’ creativity by looking at the clever t-shirts on Rubin’s site (the caption on one: “An ellipsis is not when the moon moves in front of the sun.”) and then having students design punctuation t-shirts of their own.
  • You can even get serious by building a writing assignment around the site. Ask students to use its contents and humor to write an email to coworkers reminding them of the importance of correct punctuation or common errors to watch out for.

Let us hear your ideas!

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