A New Job-Search Tool?

Building Assignments around Glassdoor.com

 An increasingly popular website for job seekers is Glassdoor.com, a workplace review site founded in 2007. Over 3 million people per month now visit the site to access salary information and anonymous employee reviews for over 84,000 companies. The site is free for individuals; to access the information, one simply posts a salary or a review oneself. (Companies can also post certain information for free, but they have to pay $495 per month if they want to display an Enhanced Employer Profile.)

 A new technology is always good for assignment ideas, both to keep students abreast of the changing technological scene and to give them fresh material to work with. Here are just a few assignment ideas based on Glassdoor:

  • A written review of Glassdoor.com as a job-search tool (perhaps compared to similar tools, such as TheLadders, LinkedIn, or Unvarnished)
  • A written or oral research report on organizational culture at one or more companies that incorporates data and opinions from Glassdoor (along with other resources, such as Hoovers.com, news databases, and companies’ own websites)
  • A written personal job-search strategy that incorporates information from Glassdoor and other sources
  • A memo or email report to a fictitious boss or real client explaining what companies need to know about Glassdoor and how to use it
  • An evaluation of the credibility of the information on Glassdoor.com (as an exercise in evaluating websites)

 If you have more ideas for how to use this tool or others like it, please share them!

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