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Welcome to our blog! As its name suggests, Bcomm Teacher Xchange is a forum for bcomm instructors to share ideas about teaching business communication. We’ll share ideas, tips, articles, and resources. If you have suggestions for lectures, face-to-face or online classroom activities, technology use, or teaching resources, be sure to share them here, too. Questions are also welcomed as are feedback and suggestions for improving the blog. We hope this blog builds a sense of community among business communication instructors and serves as a source of support in providing students with the very best learning experience.

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It seems like yesterday we were grading spring semester finals and looking forward to at least a little break during the summer. Now, like you, we are busy planning for the fall term and perhaps wishing for a few more weeks of summer. As I was planning for the semester, I happened upon the Web site for the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies and read its “Emerging List of Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010.”

 How many of these tools do you use? Do you use technologies that are not on this list?

We are eager to hear your about your experiences with these (or any) technologies and how you use them to support teaching and learning in your classes.

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